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TV App Developers Group: Connect for TV App Development Article


TV app developers looking to connect with other like-minded people to discuss the latest issues and topics can now join the 2000 strong LinkedIn group focusing on TV app development. Bringing together people with similar interests Apps World has now partnered with Marc Van Steyvoort, Co-founder of Weepee New Media Venture, the global market specialist in VTNO enabling, to push forward TV apps development.

This is a useful way of exchanging any queries, ideas, questions and topics with others that have the same line of thought wanting to work towards building successful TV apps. Also connected to our Apps World & TV Hackfest events the group will act as a portal for information involving surrounding innovation in multiplatform TV app content development. 

This Linkedin group track will provide anyone interested in TV app development with the opportunity to hear about the latest trends and future projections. It will provide members with a format to debate around such topics as second screen apps, companion devices, multi-screen and much more, it will be covering all aspects of change and adaptations regarding TV Apps. To hear more about what we have going on and engage with others on this topic, join the group here and connect with others!


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