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Mag+ launching first ever SDK contest at #AppsWorld Article

Mag+ is excited to kick off its first ever SDK contest—Unleash the Content—at this year’s Apps World conference. The contest invites iOS developers to build a better, cooler, smarter content app using Mag+’s new SDK. They’re opening the code to their app and saying “Do something cooler.” 

Mag+ is a full publishing ecosystem for touchscreen devices that includes InDesign-based creative tools for authoring the digital content, a web-based distribution backend and a reader app framework. It’s used by more than 800 apps, from Popular Science to Mad magazine to catalogs and internal sales materials.The Mag+ iOS App SDK, which was introduced in November, gives iOS developers access to two primary components of the Mag+ app—the MIB (Mag+ file) reader, and the Connect part for talking to our backend to fetch those MIBs—so they can build their own app to read Mag+ files. “The idea behind the SDK is to see how people can re-imagine the reader app,” says Mike Haney, Mag+ co-founder and chief creative officer. “It’s a short-cut to making a cool content-driven app or adding content to any other app—game, utility, whatever.” Using the SDK means you get a totally custom app without having to develop the format, the tools or the distribution side, he adds.Entrants to the Mag+ contest get free non-commercial access to the full SDK (which normally sells for $3,499 a month).The Mag+ content-creation tools are always free, so entrants can build their own content files, even partnering with a designer if you like, or use pre-built files from the some of the company’s clients that they will make available. Entrants can even open up the the Mag+ file format, .mib, mess with the XML and change the reader to read the new altered MIB.To enter, just go to and use your GitHub login to register.
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