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Enabling app downloads from company websites Article

Every day millions of people surf onto company websites throughout the world. And every day millions of opportunities to convert the website traffic into app downloads is lost. This is because getting a user from a website into the app store to download your specific app, remains one of the biggest challenges for marketers out there. Yes, we see some great call to action buttons. And yes, plenty of apps are prominently displayed on websites. But the fact remains that the disconnect between mobile and web is causing potential app downloads to bleed off.  Most bluntly, the typical computer user browsing on a regular desktop might simply pick up their mobile device and search on the app store.  Here, the indirect nature of the download path, combined with human nature, means downloads are lost as people become distracted throughout the search process.

Downloads can also be lost even where online advertising is directly linked to the app in the iTunes store.  Say for example a person is using a work or friend‘s computer without their iTunes installed.  In this case a direct web link is useless.  Moreover, if the developer uses “” or a similar link tracking tool to measure “clicks”, this transaction is still measured as a valid click, even though the user never got the app. This is a very common scenario. Another issue is user retention. It is imperative to retain the traffic to their website, so sending a user away to download an app is counter-intuitive. Imagine, for example, you are CBS Sports and you are using broadcast advertising during prime time to get people to your website. The last thing these companies should do is sending people away from their website for the app download. What is needed in this situation is a way of keeping users on-site, whilst still allowing them to download the app. Removing the hurdles with the good old SMS Created by the brains behind Google Earth, Silicon Valley based start-up GET IT have created a platform which offers app publishers and brands like CNET and CBS a complete mobile engagement platform for delivering mobile apps from any online or offline marketing channel to any mobile device. The mobile engagement platform bridges the gap between app stores and internet by providing a single call-to-action that unifies app delivery. The most powerful tool with the best results on the platform is the good old SMS. It is quick, reliable and global. GET IT leverages mobile interaction specialist tyntec’s global SMS capabilities to connect with users within a matter of seconds. Users receive a smart link via text message that takes them straight to the app they want, bypassing all the hurdles identified earlier. What’s more, the links are backed by analytics which have shown a proven increase in the conversion rate. For example, if you get someone in the heat of the moment, who sees your app advertisement and clicks on the advertisement, you want to get an app to that person’s device the moment you have their attention. The fastest and safest way to do this is via SMS.  The delivery is almost instantaneous, which means the user gets the link to download your app in seconds, not minutes. tyntec’s global SMS technology powers GET IT’s popular app engagement platform. The two companies will be showcasing their solution based on SMS at Apps World on February 7 and 8 in booth 163 at the San Francisco Moscone Center.  


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