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AppGratis announces over 10m members at #AppsWorld Article

With app discoverability near the top of every developer’s list of concerns, App Gratis announced its 10 millionth user at Apps World in San Francisco this month. The platform offers a unique and validated approach to app discovery, offering iPad and iPhone users a the chance to download one paid app for free every day, in order to introduce them to services they might otherwise never find.  This also enables developers to build visibility for their undiscovered apps. The service now regularly drives between 500,000 to 1 million daily downloads, with three million of its 10 million users visiting the app at least once a day, sending member apps into the top five and beyond in the iTunes App Store as a consequence.

When Paris-based AppGratis featured EDGE Extended, a critically acclaimed iOS game developed by Mobigame, the promotion drove over a million downloads for the app in 24 hours, including over 330,000 in the U.S alone. “AppGratis moved the needle for us and helped put EDGE Extended in the spotlight,” said David Papazian, CEO of Mobigame. “They drove downloads for EDGE Extended internationally, getting the app into the hands of people who actually wanted to play our game and helping us reach people we never would have otherwise. AppGratis is the leader in app discovery and is a strong partner that delivers real results.” Download AppGratis from the App Store.

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