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The Apple Watch: Just a Heartbeat Away From Consumers Article

By: Florence Broder, Content Manager at AppsFlyer

With all the buzz around the Apple Watch, it’s time to get into gear for all it has to offer.

The Apple Watch is one step closer to facilitating something that every company wants—a connection with loyal customers. The Apple Watch was designed to enhance connections between people through a range of advanced sensors, including one that allows the sharing of heartbeats. Though Apple hasn’t publicly stated how marketers can leverage all the watch has to offer, it’s fair speculate about the possibilities.

Personalization: This Is Just for You!

Marketers are always looking for new improved ways to collect more data about consumers to enable them to target in the most personalized way possible both in terms of user acquisition and retargeting. The Apple Watch will potentially be the personalization savior for marketers with its new advanced sensors. These sensors will enable marketers to take engagements to another level by making them more relevant and more attuned with consumers.

There are many mobile device sensors that marketers use already like GPS for location, touch sensors on the screen, light detecting sensors and more. Consumers may not know how many sensors are in their mobile devices, but they do realize that marketers and developers alike don’t miss a beat in using them to create new apps and to target them for advertising. The sensors in the Apple Watch are bit more intimate than the ones we’ve seen in the past since they were designed to measure a consumer’s physical state from heartbeat, calories, posture, and more.  

Just imagine a consumer who sits all day and doesn’t even stand when reminded by the watch. It can be assumed he/she might have back issues. By tapping into the posture sensor data marketers can send them ads for a foot rest, an ergonomic pillow or a massage. Even better is having these ads appear when the consumer is 100 feet away from the store. It’s the ultimate in understanding consumers’ needs and addressing them. Leveraging the calorie and pulse sensors, marketers can identify consumers following a workout at the gym and send them a promotion for a beverage at the local Starbucks. It’s not at all far fetched given that Starbucks has already adopted iBeacon technology. These sensors are going to revolutionize advertising and the possibilities are endless.

A More Human Side of Your Company

Companies have invested significant resources in representing their vision, values and beliefs because many consumers shop accordingly. The Apple Watch is another opportunity to humanize companies and take sensory branding to new heights. Marketers to leverage the power of sending a representation of a heartbeat to consumers and show they care by reaching out and touching consumers.  Your brand will be have a new physical attribute associated with it besides visuals and sound.

Raising the Stakes on Mobile

The advent of the Apple Watch is going to be a make or break it moment for companies. Recently eMarketer reported that 50% digital marketing budgets are allocated for mobile. For companies that are still focused on desktop advertising this going to be a tipping point year for them. If they don’t revamp their strategy for mobile devices, including wearables, where will they be next year? It will most definitely impact their bottom line.

Companies are boldly repositioning themselves as being mobile-first for a reason. The statement projects a company that is looking at what’s on the horizon. Case in point is Yahoo, which Marissa Mayer has steered towards being a mobile-first company by purchasing the Flurry analytics platform and by hosting the first ever Mobile Developers Conference this year. Just as important as shifting to mobile is also having the proper data to measure ROI. The Apple Watch opens possibilities but also raises  questions of measurement. How do you measure the impact of a heartbeat or pulse? What need data dimensions do companies need to ensure quality targeting?

For now the good news is that AppsFlyer can track activity in the Apple Watch. Simply set up an in-app event when handling an Apple Watch action in the app. AppsFlyer will roll out more features to support the Apple Watch, so stay tuned.

We Just Can’t Wait!

The Apple Watch’s abilities has gotten everyone excited to get their hands on it. Advertisers will just have to wait patiently until Apple discloses how they can leverage the sensors. The Apple Watch is going to usher in a new era of advertising characterized by personalization galore. It will change they way companies and consumers interact forever.

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