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Guest Blog Post: Mobile wearables wearability Article

Which one has the best wearability?

When you think about mobile wearables wearability, what comes to mind? Is that even a word? I guess most people might think of usability when it comes to how useful a wearable is, but a big part of usefulness comes from if you are going to wear it at all! If your wearable is not comfortable, and unobtrusive, chances are you won’t wear it. In preparing for my talk at the mobile dev and test conference in San Diego on April 15 and Wearable’s panel contribution at AppsWorld I started to think of critical characteristics that either are or are not important. I thought mostly of the ultimate wearable – Google Glass, and how they have gone back to the drawing board. Some lessons from their grand experiment include:

  • Cool factor doesn’t last long : You can’t expect people to think its cool for too long if there are no good apps for the device. So when you are designing your wearable, rate the cool factor high (as Apple does) but don’t count on it for long term sustained wearing or using of the device.
  • Must have value added app for the consumer-normal guy : If you just extend the mobile phone functionality, that’s just not enough.
  • Obtrusiveness-Wearability : It’s gotta be comfortable! and can’t get in the way.
  • Privacy : It can’t make people feel insecure that you are invading their privacy.
  • Price : It’s got to be priced for the average man, or above average man, and related to added functionality you get. 
  • Networking : It’s got to be independent and not dependent on your mobile phone totally. 
  • Integration : It’s got to integrate easily with a wide variety of devices and brands, not just your own.
  • Power : It’s got to have all day power, at minimum.
  • Simplicity and features : It must be easy to use and have some core functions that are great, and leave out the rest.

There you have it. A quick criteria list for designing and testing your next wearable device! Mobile Wearables Wearability, if its not a word yet, it will be soon!

This guest blog was provided by Philip Lew, CEO, XBOSoft

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