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Take your “Mock” Exam and test your mobile race car driving skills at stand 423! Article

Are you a mobile application developer or software tester? Are you looking to certify your know-how and skills in the area of mobile application development and testing? When you join us at stand # 423 it is all about the apps! We offer you the opportunity to take an iPAD “Mock” Exam with the QuestionMark app to test your mobile apps knowledge before you get your actual certification with iSQI. After you pass the “Mock” Exam, you not only get a Mocktificate, but you can test your race car driving skills. So grab an iPAD at our stand and enter the race! With the Anki Drive app, maneuver the car along the track and win against your competition.

iSQI develops its certification schemes according to industry trends and requirements and we are up to date at the Apps World Germany, the leading global event series that has grown to be the leading set of events in the app industry! Make use of our globally accepted and standardized industry-relevant and up-to-date schemes certifications to boost your career and increase your professional standing in the global labor market.

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