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Internet Performance Tips for Delivering Instant Gratification Through Your Mobile App Article

by Ian Pritchard, German Internet Performance Expert, Dyn

While there are many things in life worth waiting for, online experiences are not part of those things. We expect our mobile apps to deliver instant results in bringing us a taxi or reserving a restaurant table for dinner. We expect video to begin streaming instantly on our phones or tablets. When it comes to mobile apps, instant gratification is no longer a consumer desire. It’s a consumer expectation.

With that in mind, you need to consider how to meet your customers’ need for instant gratification when your mobile app connects to the Internet. If you’re not thinking about Internet Performance – including efficiency, speed, reliability, and scalability – meeting your customers’ expectations will become a major problem for your mobile app.

  • Efficiency Speed & Reliability  – While your customer sees a single application delivering content, your app is probably sourcing that content from multiple locations, including data centres and the Cloud. Mobile apps need to reliably connect to online data while keeping latency to a minimum and ensuring an optimal customer experience. Plus, you need the ability to connect and retrieve your data efficiently and understand how Internet Performance can impact your app’s performance.
  • Scalability –  Scalability is a critical factor for successful mobile applications. You need to ensure that your mobile app’s network or host can handle increases in traffic, whether incrementally over time, or having to deal with sudden, unexpected traffic surges. Scalability can also help your expansion into worldwide markets and ensure you’re delivering the same level of service no matter where your users reside.

Delivering an Exceptional Online Experience through Dyn

Dyn’s Internet Performance Solutions can help every mobile app deliver a faster and more reliable experience to your users. For example:

Dyn Internet Intelligence can provide a 360° view of how Internet Performance may be affecting mobile app performance. With Dyn Internet Intelligence, you can learn the answer to such questions as: “How are Internet events compromising my users experience?” “How can I create consistent and reliable user experiences?” “How do Network Service and Cloud providers compare in terms of performance?”

Dyn Internet Intelligence presents Internet Performance data as timely, easy to understand, actionable information. Displayed in an intuitive graphical interface, this information enables you to monitor and analyze your Internet performance, and how that performance may be impacting your customers’ experience with your mobile app.

Earlier this month, Dyn announced the launch of Dyn Internet Alerts, an easy-to-implement API-based cloud service that lets businesses monitor and measure the health of their Internet resources. Powered by Dyn Internet Intelligence’s global network, which monitors billions of routing, Internet availability and performance data points each day, Dyn Internet Alerts let companies pinpoint whenever the quality or health of end-user experience is compromised.

When combined with Dyn’s Managed DNS and Traffic Management solutions, Dyn Internet Intelligence and Alerts can help to create better Internet connectivity and business performance.

Internet Performance Impacts More Than Websites

The bottom line: Internet Performance impacts much more than your website. A DNS outage can affect everything associated with your URL, including email services and online applications, even when they are hosted elsewhere.  When your DNS fails, it’s likely your app is out of business until the outage is fixed.

Many Dyn customers are also taking advantage of Dyn Managed DNS advanced features such as geographic-based load balancing, which allows them to increase the performance, redundancy, and flexibility of a geographically dispersed infrastructure.

Delivered as a cloud-based service, there is no need to buy hardware, install software, or hire more IT personnel with Dyn Managed DNS.  Dyn backs its Managed DNS solution with unparalleled DNS domain expertise, extreme system scalability and 24×7 customer support.

Dyn helps companies monitor, control, and optimise online infrastructure for an exceptional end-user experience. Through a world-class network and unrivaled, objective intelligence into Internet conditions, Dyn ensures traffic gets delivered, faster, safer, and more reliably than ever.

Learn More

Visit Dyn at Apps World Germany at Stand #327 to get a full picture of how successful mobile apps are linked to Internet Performance.


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