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The Relevance of Messaging in the App Industry Article

By Glen Warren, CEO, Fortytwo Telecom

Some may argue that SMS is an outdated technology which is no longer applicable in contemporary spheres such as the App industry. However, in spite of all the developments that are taking place in our highly mobile world, a singular solution as ubiquitous as SMS communication remains to be found. That being said, we must acknowledge that there are certain constraints concerning the content of a message delivered via SMS and that there are numerous competing, emerging technologies on the horizon.

In fact, Fortytwo Telecom is excited to launch its brand new messaging platform at Apps World which provides the power and benefits of traditional SMS communication coupled with the flexibility and dynamism of the latest messaging and communication protocols.

The mobile environment is very different from that of fixed computing. Instead of static IPs and clear routing infrastructure, by its very nature, the mobile sphere is fluid. Subscribers change providers, port and change numbers and move around the globe; scenarios which pose challenges when attempting to deliver messages effectively. Fortytwo Telecom’s Number Validation Services provide valid message delivery by updating a mobile number database from invalid and ported numbers as well as checking for roaming and powered-off phones.

Moving forward our main focus is to provide messaging and telecommunications solutions that add value to enterprises operating in all industries. To achieve this, we have a highly agile and dynamic development team who are intent on providing pertinent solutions that address our customers’ unique communication channels.

A small representation of our development team will also be present at Apps World and we would be more than happy to have a chat about your requirements within in the App industry.

To set up some time with us, please email us on

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