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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Two largest API events APIDays and APIStrat join forces for Berlin (April 23-25) Article

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are starting to touch every industry on the planet and best practice is evolving faster and faster. The teams behind the APIDays and APIStrat ( conferences have combined to create the most influential and vendor neutral event about APIs in Europe. This event is about learning, sharing and trying new technologies or strategies related to Web APIs.

Keynotes and talks are delivered by people from organisations including Google, Coca-Cola, The Guardian, Twitter, or Twilio. The various sessions include topics such as APIs & Mobile, API design, hypermedia, API and strategy, eCommerce, or Enterprise.

There will also be a developer track and the possibility to hack with APIs at the SpeedHack (, which is essentially a hackathon compressed into 3h with API challenges specified by various API providers. Participation ( in the SpeedHack is free.

The APIDays and APIStrat event will be kickstarted with a Birds-of-a-Feather ( warm-up networking over free drinks in the Edelweiss Pub on Thursday, April 23, starting at 17:00.

We can provide discounts of up to 50% off General Admission tickets as well as Developer tickets for the APIDays/APIStrat event. Participation at the SpeedHack is free. If you are interested, please get in touch with us directly at:



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