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How DronaHQ’s architecture solution is disrupting scalability problems of Enterprise Mobility Article

How DronaHQ’s loosely coupled business logic and UI architecture is disrupting Mobile Enterprise Application Platform’s scalability problems

Mobile applications have changed the world, just like the smartphones they operate on have. In the 20th century the advances in technology happened faster than people could have imagined and the size of our technological has shrunk just as Gordon Moore predicted. Moore’s law states technologies capabilities per square inch would double, meaning computers would continue to get smaller and smaller. He came up with this law in 1965 and today the company he worked for, Intel, offers a Compute Stick with more power than most desktops would have for many years. The move from large to small has come with its various challenges and the question that has always been important in tech is: How do we as businesses keep up?

A few key figures from an article show some of the problems facing MEAP developers. SAP reports show that more than ¾ of enterprise mobile apps are used only once. Forrester Research says these types of apps take “6-9 months & approx. $250K to develop.” Of the apps built ½ will be obsolete in two years.

In comes DronaHQ, an application, a platform and a container that solves many of the problems facing enterprises trying to roll out effective mobile business apps. With DronaHQ’s unique mobile application you can bring already developed internal business web applications mobile in weeks not months. This is because the cloud based platform offers native app build on loosely coupled UI and Business logic architecture. It offers CMS to add content on their developed native app and easy integrations to web apps. Platform takes care of user provisioning, security, forward compatibility and support.

Imagine being able to take all of your web apps, be it 5, 50 or 500 and be able to bring them mobile in a fraction of the time it would take to develop a single mobile app. According to the aforementioned article, most enterprises look to mobilize upwards of 700 apps that would translate into 35 years of development by current mobile app development methods. The beauty of DronaHQ app is that it can take these pre-existing apps mobile without having to start from scratch.

With features such as push notifications, active directory, single sign on, a CMS and user management and partitioning, what DronaHQ may lack in natively developed user interface for unique needs, it compensates by its flexibility to easily support most enterprise apps on mobile devices. Add to it the loosely integrated business logic that allows for editing of specific apps or features without having to recode the entire app, the unique positives make DronaHQ something any enterprise going mobile should consider.

Author: Daniel Preus -Enterprise Mobility Expert – DronaHQ. He is a big-picture strategist & technologist. Currently he is involved in solving Mobility Challenges for large enterprises and help IT managers chalk a mobility roadmap.

DronaHQ ( – Fastest Enterprise Mobility Platform to design, develop, and deliver employee- and partner-facing mobile apps. For those at Enterprise Apps World in North America May 12-13, 2015, DronaHQ team will help consult Mobility Solutions for your organization.

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