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Interview with Teamchat Co Founder & CEO Article

We recently caught up with Beerud Sheth Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer ahead of Apps World North America.

Beerud is responsible for the overall strategy, execution and growth of Teamchat. He also founded Elance, the world‘s largest online services marketplace. He played various leadership roles at different stages of the company’s growth, including product & business strategy, product management, marketing & business development, and remains on the board of directors. Prior to founding Elance, he worked in the financial services industry – modeling, structuring, and trading fixed income securities and derivatives at Merrill Lynch and Citicorp Securities. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and is a holder of two technology patents.

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What does your company do?

Teamchat is a smart messaging app for businesses that enables clutter-free communications in large teams. Teamchat is also a platform for developers that want to build and quickly launch messaging-based services. What do you do? I’m the founder and ceo of the company. I focus mainly on product strategy and evangelizing. What do you find most rewarding about your role? Most challenging? Most rewarding: ability to positively impact millions of users and working with smart people. Most challenging: The constant feeling there’s so much to do and so little time.

How do you stay up to date with trends in your industry/field?

Read a lot, talk to people driving the trends, engage in debates, and above all, keep aside think time to connect the dots.

What are your top five applications or programs?

Messaging (whatsapp); Note taking app (varies); To do list (varies); LinkedIn;

What is it that you can offer that others can’t – why should a buyer buy from you?

There isn’t, currently, a good way to communicate effectively in large-groups. Email lists, Forums, Blogs, Wikis and Enterprise Social apps get cluttered very quickly in the enterprise. Teamchat enables clutter-free messaging in large groups with its innovative smart-message capability. Teamchat transforms enterprise communications and makes teams productive.

What are the main challenges you’re facing in the market today?

Getting the word out during this early phase of launch.

How does the company and your technology stay up to date with trends in the industry?

Listen carefully to customers, attend leading events like Apps World and keep an eye on industry trends.  What would you change about the industry, if you could change one thing? Increase focus on revolutionary ideas, not evolutionary ones

On a personal level, what one non-tech thing you can’t live without?

Protein bars

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