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Guest blog: OMA – Our Message to the Developer Community Article

In the fast-paced world of developers, navigating the world of standards can be cumbersome and at times, confusing. At OMA, we feel standards fuel market reach and interoperability for technologies. So how can we bridge the gap between the needs of developers and the benefits standardization can bring?

While we are at the Apps World Series, North America, Joaquin Prado, Director of Technical Programs, Open Mobile Alliance, will be giving in depth talks around our Developer Toolkit that we launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March 2015. The toolkit is the first of its kind from a Standards Development Organization (SDO) and addresses the need to bridge this gap between the SDO and the application developer who is creating apps for use over wireless networks.

There are an increasing number of professionals within the SDO community that believe standards development processes must evolve to meet the needs of the new and ever emerging mobile ecosystem, including app developers. With this in mind we produced a developer toolkit that will dramatically increase a specification’s ease of use for developers. The toolkit seeks to give developers the tools they need to easily and efficiently create innovative products and services based on OMA specifications and APIs.  The toolkit leverages Github, and provides sample code, a development environment and links to open source projects, all designed to meet the needs of the developer community.

The toolkit is open to the public and is located here  We are looking forward to meeting with the developer community at Apps World this May, and look forward to getting feedback on our toolkit.

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