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Interview with Lew Philip, CEO of XBOSoft Article

What does your company do?

XBOSoft offers software testing and quality assurance across multiple platforms including Mobile with specialized expertise in Usability and UX testing and consultation. We offer software testing migration assistance from Waterfall to Agile processes and integrate our teams with yours to ensure full transparency and high accuracy. As a company solely dedicated to software quality, XBOSoft provides companies with software quality and testing services for those who are constantly under pressure to shorten release cycles while increasing quality. XBOSoft’s view is that defects can be found throughout the product lifecycle from sales and marketing where customer expectations may be set too high, to customer service where complaints may be handled inappropriately.

What is it that you can offer that others can’t – why should a buyer buy from you?

Worldwide 24/7 around the clock team, deep domain expertise in the Healthcare, Finance and Mobile. We have particular focus in Agile Software Testing Methodologies and Mobile UX and Usability testing and Improvement Consultation.

What are the main challenges you’re facing in the market today?

As teams shift toward agile development methods, many organizations can’t unlock themselves from legacy mindsets and therefore only go through the motions of agile. Agile is more a frame of mind rather than a specific method. Each industry has different requirements and peculiarities and some may not even be suited for agile. Unfortunately, what you read tells you agile is the best thing since sliced bread. For some it is, others it is not. When implementing agile, you need to be agile.

How does the company and your technology stay up to date with trends in the industry?

We are always investing in research and development for our own tools and for our clients. Our lessons learned are constantly shared via our blog as well as tech industry publications. We also consistently speak at 6-8 tradeshows per year, not only to share knowledge, but to find out what’s going on in the industry and network with other subject matter experts.

What would you change about the industry, if you could change one thing?

Let’s put is in simple terms. Good apps are hard to find. The way that the limited number of app stores provide access to applications is too constraining and makes it hard for new companies to get their apps found by users.

On a personal level, what one non-tech thing you can’t live without?

I had initially thought about my bicycle, but after deeper thought, bicycles can be somewhat technical these days with electronic shifters and other gadgets. But now after thinking about totally non-tech, I’d have to say my family, who are all non-technical!

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