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Guest Blog from Supersonic: Top trends and strategies for mobile monetization @ Apps World NA Article

Television owns nearly half of the total ad spend pie today. But that’s quickly becoming irrelevant.

Brands and marketers are shifting focus. They crave for higher user engagement. They dream of better targeting. Most importantly, they want further reach. This is made evident as mobile ad spend expects to top $100 billion in 2016, according to eMarketer. The mobile channel is booming, fast becoming the preferred vehicle for delivering engaging ad content globally by the of largest brands.

As a result, competition is stifling. For developers vying against one another, in a marketplace where every quality user counts, staying on top of the best tools and trends makes all the difference. Especially in an industry that moves as fast as mobile.

At Appsworld North America, Supersonic is excited to discuss the implications of mobile’s rapid growth and just how developers can capitalize on this upswing. On day 1, Damon Marshall, VP of Business Development, will dive into the hottest monetization trends in Android, which advertising strategies to explore and which ones to ignore. On Day 2, Gil Shoham, CEO & Cofounder, will discuss the most effective ad monetization methods and how a sound advertising strategy can maximize download and user retention rates.

Since the dawn of mobile app development, monetization has made itself an everlasting topic. And as mobile markets mature and user ad experiences evolve. Savvy developers must follow suit with their ad strategies.

Be sure to join us at Appsworld NA 2015 and learn how most successful developers are maximizing ad revenues.

The event is in the wake of Supersonic’s recent mediation upgrade announcement. Supersonic’s latest mediation SDK rounds out the largest rewarded video platform reaching 500mm active users globally. Top developers are leveraging our best-in class video mediation platform to reach unprecedented fill and eCPM rates acrosss their mobile app titles.

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