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5 Great Must-Have Apps for Android and iOS Article

Smartphones these days have so many apps available that it can be difficult to know where to begin. But while you can find thousands of specialist apps on both Android and iOS, there are a handful of apps that everyone should download as soon as they turn on their new smartphones. Here are five of the best to download today.

1. WhatsApp

Now that everyone is connected to the internet all of the time, more people are choosing to forget about SMS and instead stay in touch using free messenger apps – and WhatsApp is the number-one choice.

WhatsApp’s popularity has been growing rapidly over recent years along with the growth in smartphone ownership, and its importance was confirmed when Facebook splashed out US $20 billion for it back in 2014.

Part of its popularity comes down to its simplicity. Contacts are stored as phone numbers, and you can instantly send text, images, video, and voice messages to anyone in the world for free. Now it has also introduced a phone call option, making it even more useful.

2. Flipboard

According to this blog post, Flipboard is one of the best news apps available, and few would disagree with that. There is so much news and information available online, and your probably have a number of favourite websites that you visit. However, rather than visiting separate websites or opening different apps to get access to all the news, you can use Flipboard instead.

This app gathers content from many sources and displays it in the form of a magazine, so you can see new stories by simply flipping the page over. It is simple and intuitive to use, and you can tailor it to create your own news magazine.

3. Skype

There is still something vaguely futuristic about video chatting, and even more so when you use a handheld device. Skype is the original app for video chats, and it is still the best. Many phones now come with front-facing cameras, meaning you can use Skype to make free video calls to your contacts around the world.

You can also make low-cost international calls to any number and send text messages to mobile phones. All in all, it should be considered an essential app.

4. Evernote

There are many note-taking apps available for smartphones, but none are quite as good as Evernote. With its slick interface and focus on ease of use, it is easy to use and is also packed full of features that make your note taking more efficient.

Take written notes, make voice memos, take pictures, store web pages, and sync them all on the go so that when you get home or to work they will all be waiting for you on your computer.

5. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social network with 890 million daily users, and if you are a user, it just makes sense to have it installed on all phones. The versions of iOS and Android are slightly different, but they both do the same thing. If you want to stay in touch with your friends wherever you are and update your profile on the go with images and comments, this is an essential app for your phone.

Download these Apps for Your Smartphone Today

These five apps should be considered essential for any smartphone, but of course there are many other top apps to get including YouTube, Netflix, Twitter and SwiftKey. Whether you consider these essential or not will depend on how much you use them. But start with these five and download them today, and you’ll have some of the best apps ready to use on your smartphone.

John Peterson works in an electronics store. He enjoys writing about what works best for him. Look for his articles on many technology and entertainment websites.


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