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Know Your App’s Target Audience Article

The audience is just as important as the idea.

In the world of app development, you won’t hear truer words than these. So many enterprises fail to determine who their target market is and it’s a mistake that’s happening time and time again. If you want consumers to download your app, it’s critical they actually want what you’re offering them. Know your audience and the rest will follow suit.

Research is key before, during and even after developing and deploying an app. If you know your customers then developing an app should be a whole lot easier and your business will both survive and thrive.

Once you’ve got your target market nailed down, all the other factors of an app such as your marketing campaigns, design and functionality should fall into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Identifying your app’s target audience can play huge dividends, but you have to work hard to get it right. A great place to start is by following these simple steps…


Is there a real need for the app?

Plenty of thought needs to be put into the development of an application. The worst thing you can do is rush into the development and end up wasting both time and money.

It’s important to have a clear goal in mind and not get carried away with developing the next app that’ll go viral. If there’s an app that already fills the niche you’re hoping to take advantage of, it’s important to make yours different and provide your target audience with an innovative and different solution.

It almost goes without saying, but if the audience you are targeting already has an app that satisfies their needs, the likelihood of them downloading your similar rival app is small, unless it provides alternative solutions.

Identify what the needs of your customers are and how an application will fill that need. Remember, creating the idea before deciding who it’s actually for is never going to work. It will prove very difficult to move ahead with the development of your app.


Is your target audience likely to download the app?

You could create the best mobile app going but if your target audience isn’t tech-savvy enough to download the app, then what use is it? This is where truly knowing your customers comes in handy.

The 65-plus demographic is a great example of this. It’s true that some will download the app but the majority are unlikely to take to Google Play or iTunes in search of your app.

Apps are a great tool for businesses and brands to have, as long as they’re going to be used by their target audience. Once you’re confident there’s a real need for your app, creating an audience PERSONA is vital.

Who needs the app? Personas are drawn from very broad groups and it’s important to come up with a problem your ideal target audience are dealing with in which your app will help with.

Creating a persona will enable you to explore your app’s idea in great detail and will help identify the types of marketing elements that should be directed at your personas when your app is eventually deployed.


You’ve identified your target audience. What next?

You’ll have out yourself in a great position by this point, armed with information and able to identify your place in the marketplace alongside your competitors. It will now be a whole lot easier to measure the size of your audience and marketplace, allowing you envision whether the release of your app is viable.

In terms of the next step, the development of your app will take shape, with the target audience in mind. It’s key that you now begin to think of a marketing campaign for the app.

Beta testing your app is a necessity as the feedback from this will help you make the required changes in order to make the app more enticing and engaging for you customers.

Once the ‘final’ version of your application is launched, monitoring its performance and maintaining it is vital. Necessary changes will need to be made over time in order to adjust to system updates or unexpected problems. Launching the app certainly isn’t the final step.


What are you waiting for?

We really can’t stress enough how important identifying your target audience actually is. Gaining an understanding of those who are likely to download and use your app regularly will have a major impact upon the development of your application.

Always remember, the audience is just as important as the idea.

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