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Stay Independent: Hold a Referendum on Your Software Article

Independence is once again hitting the headlines.

Having had the Scottish Referendum last year, the UK is now looking toward an EU referendum within the next few years, during which the country will have to decide whether to remain part of the trading bloc or opt for what some see as greater independence from Brussels. It promises to be a passionate debate, with no clear consensus about what decision to make likely to emerge.

When it comes to software development, however, maintaining your independence is always a good idea.

In order to protect your brand image when releasing a new app or website, you need to ensure that your software looks and functions as it should do for all of your customers. Software bugs that create a poor user experience on certain devices, browsers and operating systems can damage your brand’s reputation, which in turn can harm sales.

Getting rid of bugs in your software, however, can be difficult without independent oversight of its development. Often, if you work with a 3rd party developer like a digital agency, this is exactly what you lack: your developer may assure you that your software has been adequately tested, but you cannot know for certain whether or not critical defects are about to threaten your reputation.

What makes this more worrying is the fact that 3rd party developers often don’t have the time, expertise or resources to ensure that the software they develop is sufficiently tested. Software testing requires a unique skillset in order to be done properly, and having a handful of developers or other agency staff conduct hurried testing just before a deadline is not going to produce effective results.

Partnering with a crowdsourced software testing company, however, will give you the independence you need to provide a great online experience for your customers, protect your reputation and revenue.

By having your apps and websites scrutinised by professional testers on a broad range of devices, browsers and operating systems, you can independently verify your developer’s work and prevent critical bugs from entering the live environment before they can do any damage.

BugFinders, for instance, maintains an international crowdsourced community of over 55,000 testers, of which we frequently deploy large teams of hundreds. This means we can test websites on up to 300 different devices in 3 days or less, and apps in as little as 24 hours.

These exceptionally short timeframes mean that as well as rooting out critical bugs in your software, you can also have them fixed within your developer’s warranty period, rather than having to pay to get them fixed yourself months down the line.

Having your software thoroughly scrutinised by a crowdsourced testing partner is like holding a referendum on its quality, giving you back a verdict as to what your customers’ experience will be like. So don’t sacrifice your independence when developing new software – find a testing partner and protect your brand image online.

BugFinders will be exhibiting at Enterprise Apps World on Stand C70. If you’re interested in learning how we can help you protect your brand online, drop by and say hi.


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