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Interview with DHL, Groupwide Head of Technology Innovation Management Article

Read our exclusive interview with Zvezdan Schoppmann, Groupwide Head of Technology Innovation Management DHL ahead of his presentation at Enterprise Apps World on Wednesday 24th Jun.

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How has technology fundamentally changed the nature of DHL’s business in recent years?

Technology is changing multiple areas of how we produce and deliver our services, specifically in the area of customer interaction: digital channels such as B2B API links, websites or mobile apps are gaining more and more momentum. Already in 2014 the customer track and trace requests through our DHL parcel app for the domestic German market has outperformed the requests trough the traditional website by 50%.

We are also investing continuously in key areas of service “production” technologies including hand scanners, automated sorting, data analytics and robotics. 

What new opportunities is technology opening up?

Logistics is about speed. The main benefit of technology in the logistics space is it helps us to increase the speed of delivery and helps to reinforce our customer centric culture.  Other opportunities include stepping into new market segments like ecommerce, where Deutsche Post DHL is growing new platforms and digital products like “ePost Brief”, “” or the secure messenger “SIMSme”.

Specifically, can you give us an idea of how you are presently innovating in the apps space?

In the B2C app space we follow two main trends. One is the integration of multiple services that are relevant for a specific target group into an app. The second trend is around security. We have already launched a couple of apps that allow us to communicate and store and exchange data in a secure way like SIMSme, DocWallet or ePost Brief.

In terms of the internal use of app technology we are building our Enterprise Mobility platform step-by-step to allow business to develop their internal productivity with the help of standardized and secure app infrastructure.

How is IoT impacting the apps ecosystem and DHL specifically?

There are some common challenges similar like an app, IoT devices like to be connected to your cooperate network, the security, bandwidth and process related infrastructure questions are similar and can be maybe solved in one shot.

Our mobile data gateway that contains an API Management layer can be also used to connect IoT devices to enable data exchange with internal systems.

What are you looking forward to finding out more about at Enterprise AppsWorld?

My last visit of the Enterprise AppsWorld was in 2013; I came back aware of many interesting trends and product ideas. I’m looking forward to discussing more at this year’s event.

Your keynote at Enterprise AppsWorld is titled, ‘Apps are only the peak of the iceberg’ – what lies beneath the waterline exactly?

It is a subset of processes and infrastructure needed to run standardized and secure enterprise mobility for a global blue chip like Deutsche Post DHL.   
Beneath the waterline you can find things like Mobile Device Management, App Provisioning, App Operations, App Development and App Integration, surrounded by a Mobile Strategy and Mobile Governance bricks.

The desire to have an app for the customer or internal use cases is only the peak of the iceberg. In my keynote I will try to explain what are the obstacles, challenges and opportunities that you will probably find if you decide to take the holistic approach to enable enterprise mobility in your company.

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