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4 Things to Consider That Put Some Reading Apps Above the Rest Article

While reading a book or magazine used to be a simple affair, today there are countless reading apps on the market for mobile devices. However, just like the thickness of a page or size of print in hardcopy print materials varies, there are also just as many apps with the same options. Some of them will live up to your expectations, and some of them won’t. It’s all a matter of personal taste. However, apart from meeting basic standards, some reading apps also offer additional perks. Here are four things to consider when you’re trying to choose a reading app that works for you.

1. Good Old-fashioned Customer Incentives

Companies are always trying to push their apps to read books like Nook that offers incentives to new customers that effectively push the brand. While you’ll want to read reviews to confirm that a particular reading app is the right one for you, you can also partake in some of the perks of using one like Nook, which currently offers two free eBooks with the download of the app. Watch for these types of deals, because many companies are looking to spread their apps far and wide. They want you to use their product, since the more users an app has, the more visible and widespread it becomes.

Some of the best places to find these types of deals are the following:

  • The homepage of the app itself
  • Coupon code websites
  • Offers directly from your mobile provider

There are lots of places to search for apps and incentives, but just make sure that it’s worth your while. The top priority should be that an app is functional for you, with the perks and benefits that may come with it taking a backseat. However, there’s no reason not to look for the current, best deals out there right alongside discovering an app that will meet your needs and expectations the way you want.

2. Brand Consistency

Many brands offer complementary apps that deliver different kinds of content to your mobile device. Digital Trends points out, for example, that Nook Video can stream movies or TV shows that are linked to your Nook account, much in the same way you can read books with the Nook reading app.

Using a consistent brand ensures that you won’t fumble with user interface problems that you might encounter if you use one company’s app for video streaming, and a completely different one for reading content in print. If you’re someone who embraces consistency and prefers to learn a single system that works across different platforms, then sticking to apps by the same brand is definitely the way to go.

3. Simplicity Where It Matters

Not everyone adapts to new technology well, and whether that’s true for you personally or not, there’s definitely something to be said for getting back to basics. Reading apps are very competitive, since there’s a lot of options out there, but the ones created by companies that understand simplicity are some of the best.

For example, according to a review on Android Central, one of the strongest points of the Nook app is that, although it offers a wide array of customizable options, it still works perfectly if you want a simple interface to just read books. Lots of newly developed reading apps have extra bells and whistles that can frustrate users who aren’t interested in exploring new features. If you’re the type of person who wants to just read the newest novel from your favorite author on the morning commute, then the Nook app successfully meets this need.

4. The Ease of Trial and Error

When a magazine caught your eye in the bookstore two decades ago, you’d pick it up and flip through, at worst, receiving a dirty look or two from the bookstore cashier for browsing and not buying.  However, in today’s world of reading, that’s no longer the case.

Whether you’re interested in a new book, comic, or magazine, as Mobile Magazine points out, the proliferation of publications available on the digital newsstand has created a competitive market for magazines available on reading apps. Due to these circumstances, publishers will now often offer readers free trials and subscriptions that are easily cancelled. The same goes for books, and there are frequently free downloads for eBooks or incentives for customers interested in major releases. Finding content you really want is easier than in the past, with dramatically lowered financial risk.

There’s more reading apps today than ever before, and every company wants your patronage. While that’s good news for readers since it’s resulted in lots of refinements to the way that books and magazines are consumed, it also means that you should be on the lookout for deals. Always watch for promos and offers, especially around the holidays.

This blog was provided by Jake Anderson

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