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How to Drive Engaged Users from Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Article

With the number of apps growing almost exponentially each year, – the Google Play Store and the App Store now have 1.5  million and 1.4 apps, respectively -  app developers face the challenge of getting discovered  and driving engaged users to install and use their app. The Facebook Install Ad, which was introduced in 2012, is a component that consists of the app’s title, a text description, a related image, and an install button which when clicked takes the user to either the App Store or Google Play page of that app.

Facebook also introduced Facebook Engagement Ads, which target an app’s existing users to increase an app’s user retention. Engagement ads include a call-to-action that directs the user to perform a certain action within the app. For instance, a travel app could create an ad that directs the user directly to the booking feature within their app.

With the introduction of install and engagement ads, a study by the Business Insider has shown that mobile revenue has been given an unprecedented boost, with the revenue expected to hit $4.6 billion this year and is projected to reach $6.8 billion by the end of 2019.


Facebook Install ads allow advertisers to set up their target audiences to display mobile install ads. These are:

Custom Audience:  Facebook allows advertisers to create a custom audience that is created by dint of any previous engagement that the users have had with the advertiser/brand such as website visits, app downloads or launches, and in-app purchases. These actions allow the advertiser to populate their users’ e-mail addresses, Facebook IDs, phone numbers, and app user IDs.

Lookalike Audience: By setting up lookalike audiences, on the other hand, advertisers can  reach users who are similar to their existing customer base. These audiences are created off a Custom Audience, and consist of users that share demographics, behaviors and interests with the respective custom audience.

Device Specific Targeting: In addition to custom and lookalike audiences, Facebook also gives advertisers a more focused level of targeting through their Engagement Ads. This level of targeting allows advertisers to deliver ads to their customer based on the device on which their app is installed. This targeting can be highly effective and beneficial to advertises, as it allows them to gain a clear insight into the device-level performance of their apps.

With that said, here a few tips to capitalize on mobile app install ads to maximize your user engagement, and boost your app installs and engagement:

Segment your Ads:

Instead of creating a single ad set for your entire audience, segment your audience and tailor your ads to target these segments. This can result in a much more effective campaign that engages users within much more specific demographic, such as their age group, gender, or device.

Images and Text:

Facebook guidelines allow for 20% of text space in your ad; ads with text space exceeding this limit are usually disapproved. Therefore, advertisers must strike that balance between effective imagery and a succinct text message to create ads that will induce a user to click on the ads.

Get Creative with your Ads:

Slapping a screenshot of your app onto the ad with a single generic line of text is an uncreative approach to user targeting. Your images should reflect your app’s benefits and cater to the user being targeted.

Take Advantage of Video Ads:

While Facebook’s video ads are more suited for branding, mobile advertisers can also leverage the effectiveness of the medium to provide sneak peeks into some elements of their app to lure users into installing their apps.

In conclusion, Facebook’s ad platform can be a potent means of boosting an app’s installs and engagement, but the platform needs a combination of intelligent targeting and creativity to truly harness its benefits.

This blog was provided by: Alfred Winston (Guest Apps World Blogger)


Mobile app marketing team from Dot Com Infoway provides the best app promotion strategies for your mobile apps. We help you design and execute a perfect launch to make your app stand out from other mobile apps in the market.


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