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A Great Apple Watch App: 5 Things to Keep in Mind Article

Wearable represents a new frontline for the mobile apps today and Apple Watch has already earned its name as the wearable device with great ease of use and tech interface. Ever since the device was launched in April this year, an array of apps was built for it creating great expectation among the first generation users of the device. But sadly, a few of the first generation apps developed for the device could deliver up to the expectation while a majority just remained underperformers.

Looking at both the attributes that make few apps successful on this new platform and the others that fail to deliver, we can think of few aspects that can be optimized to turn the so called failure of some apps into success. Nobody will disagree to the fact that IPhone in just a decade or so changed the way businesses interact with the emerging mobile reality. According to many others the new Apple Watch will have a similar effect on the business apps and mobile interfaces. Let us provide here some examples how Apple Watch can be the harbinger of change for small businesses.

A smartwatch app in your wrist hugging device can help people find help for an array of practical things including track job process, time, get remote suggestions and generate real time invoice. All of these can just be done with the app in your Apple Watch. Similarly, another app just can be your one stop travel guide offering all sorts of information and real time guidance based on your location just over your watch without requiring you to take out the handheld device and look over it. These are only few examples of how Apple Watch apps can make valuable experience and change the way we interact with mobile devices in specific needs.

But making use of the platform requires furnishing apps that takes care of user experience and expectation to the highest extent. Though like other smartwatch platforms Apple watch apps are still extensions of their mobile counterparts, without a robust device specific experience, interface and ease of use you do not stand a chance to cut through the competition become irreplaceable for the users. Let us introduce here 5 most important things that one should keep in mind while developing apps for Apple Watch.

1. Simple and easy user interaction

The first principle of effective smartwatch app is keeping the user interaction to a minimum level ensuring simple and ease of use. Too much actions on a tiny device interface will only create irritation and they would like to skip using the app altogether. Smartwatch as a platform is feet for apps that need very minimum actions to get things done.

The things should be done in just few taps and in few seconds. Simple buttons that let the user perform action in just single tap are effective. On tiny screens of smartwatch people are likely to prefer do things in a sweep rather than concentrate for minutes. So, offering typically binary action buttons that performs tasks in just a tap are more recommended.   

2. Do not make a replica of IPhone App for the Apple Watch

For many developers building an app for the smartwatch means replicating the mobile app with few changes in design and feature set and that is the biggest mistake committed by majority of smartwatch apps developers. Often these products do not work well from the wrist but need to be run from the mobile device. From app layouts to designing notifications to finger friendly button sizes, in all aspects the app should be specifically developed for the wrist, not just as a replica of the mobile app.

3. Color, contrast and look

An app for the tiny device hugging your wrist needs certain look-wise considerations and these considerations are important to make user experience better. In the black background of the watch you have a wide variety of options to make the contrast work in favor. But then, maintaining the right balance between various colors is important. If distinct contrast and clear visual are the things you need to consider first, then you have animations and graphic aspects to consider as well. The app should be bright offering clear visual quality to all elements and layout should perfectly match the watch interface.

4. Design a great IPhone App that compliments it

Until now smartwatch apps are not standalone apps. They are still extensions or better to say, companion apps complementing the original mobile app in concept, design and features. Naturally even if the smartwatch app looks perfect without complementing the similar ease of use in the mobile app, you would look toothless. A pair of two great companion apps on their respective platforms should seamlessly correspond and function in unison to facilitate a great all round user experience.

5. Creatively brilliant and simple

Smartwatch platform because of the tiny device interface needs to be addressed with app interface built in a minimal style stripped off all unnecessary things. A simple, intuitive and visually attractive interface devoid of all the stuff but the core element is what going to work and make users happy. Developing apps for Apple Watch needs more rigorous consideration of the device specific demands of layout and interface rather than building apps in the same breath as for their mobile counterparts. Moreover, with the evolving API of Apple developers of apps for the Apple Watch will have more freedom and ease in incorporating design and feature attributes similar to IPhone apps.

Author Bio:

Mike Kevin working as head of sales and marketing department at leading Child Phone Monitoring app developer company Tispy. He is obsessed about writing about mobile apps and software development trends.

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