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How To Get Bloggers To Review Your App Article

By: Eti Nachum, CEO, BlogsRelease

We already know that bloggers are the next big thing in apps marketing, and that engagement with bloggers has several benefits, including informing new audiences, getting reviews of your products, and building a network of brand advocates. But how can apps marketers find and attract relevant bloggers for their campaigns?

1.    Identify Your Niche

Not every blogger will be interested in your app, and not every review will necessarily bring you the results you seek. That’s why it’s so important to research and have a clear picture of your target market. If you have a new food delivery app, think of who will be likely to use it. Food bloggers may be the obvious choice at first, but someone who only writes recipes on their blog may not be as interested at looking at an app, even if it is food related. However, the app could be the perfect way to meet a need for parenting bloggers who may not always have time to get groceries.

2.    Find Your Platform

Once you have your ideal reviewer in mind, consider where they are more likely to have conversations. Fashion bloggers tend to flock to more visual mediums like Instagram, while mom bloggers are active on Facebook and Pinterest. And people who blog about news and politics will likely be more tuned in to Twitter for quick news updates. Knowing the platform will help you to perfect your campaign for that particular channel.

3.    Make An Offer

Marketing apps can be more difficult than more physical products that reviewers can keep, like make up, for example. But even if there’s no physical product, bloggers can still review the service in exchange for discounts, gift cards, or monetary compensation. 

4.    Distribute

Now that you have designed your campaign and you know the types of bloggers you want to work with, it’s time to distribute the news. Finding specific bloggers can be very time-consuming if done manually, so make use of the various tools on the web available that connect brands and bloggers.

5.    Promote

After you bloggers write your reviews, make sure to promote them on your social media channels and have them do the same on theirs. Encourage conversation about the blog posts to get buzz going on all platforms possible.

6.    Analyze Your Results

After the campaign is done, make sure to analyze your results. Read the bloggers’ reviews for valuable feedback and think about where the campaign excelled and where it faltered. Did you do enough promotion? Was your offer too low for the high-calibre bloggers you wanted? Each blogger campaign is different, so don’t be discouraged if your first one didn’t yield the results you wanted. Word of mouth can work slowly and you may not see direct results until months after the campaign has finished.

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