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Seamless Client Interaction with Video Conferencing Apps Article

We live in an age where communication takes place primarily on digital platforms. Between the newest social media apps to old school desktop computers, you’re probably more likely to send an e-mail than attend an in-person meeting in today’s culture. That also extends to business, which is why you have to take into account how this type of popular communication can help your company improve interaction with clients. Although doing things differently may be intimidating at first, it’s essential to get on board with current trends in the realm of business communication.

1. Creating Dynamic Conversations

It’s time to reevaluate how you conduct conversations. Traditional meetings usually adopt a consistent format that’s used for years, and although there are always revisions to be made, video conferences are far more flexible in terms of how you decide to structure a meeting. points out that one of the most useful aspects of facilitating client interaction using a video conferencing system like Blue Jeans for Client Interaction is the ability to have multiple participants come and go as they need to, resulting in a coherent yet multifaceted conversation. BlueJeans is one of the most popular and affordable providers of video conferencing services on the market. They’re also very flexible, which reflects the trend of today’s video conferencing providers that stress interoperability between different types of devices and preexisting conferencing systems.

2. New Client Acquisition

Widen your scope and set up a video conference with someone you’re trying to connect with for a business venture or for their expertise. Business 2 Community points out that consistent people are the ones who find success, since you need to keep persisting on a daily basis to reach out and make connections. Video conferencing is only one of the latest communication tools at your fingertips, in addition to other modes of more standard communication, like e-mail or social media accounts. Requesting a video conference meeting to pitch an idea or ask for assistance also makes you stand out, which is another essential quality of business professional who reaches their goals. Here are some tips about how to network with your desired contacts using video conferencing:

  • Send an e-mail and follow up with a business proposal via video conference
  • Make your face known before inviting your colleague on camera by allowing social media pictures to be public and putting a person behind the Internet profile
  • Be prepared once you win the attention you’re seeking to back it up with samples of your work and track record
  • Double check that your video conferencing system is widely compatible with other systems and devices

These are just a few ideas of how you can effectively acquire a new client with diligence and good old fashioned face to face communication.

3. Connecting Your People with Clients

Communication problems happen, and it’s often attributable to information being unclearly relayed in the first place. This can also stem from the fact that sometimes, two groups of people can have problems stating what they mean. When you run into a snag with an unequal exchange of information on both sides of the table, whether with colleagues or your clients, Business 2 Community suggests establishing smaller goals and individual expectations. For example, instead of fielding a client request as a team, assign an individual to handle it and really get to the heart of what’s being asked. This also solves problems when information becomes vague because it was never conveyed clearly or understood in the first place.

The difference between failing to effectively use information to give a client what they want, versus exceeding their expectations, is to win or lose them in the long run. You always want to make your clients feel valued, and the number one way to achieve that result is to actively listen. When you’re working with a team, though, this also hinges on the expectation that everyone present listening as carefully as you. Video conferencing makes it easier for everyone to be on the same page, since you’re also all in the same digital conference room. You can skip misunderstandings that happen with e-mails or delayed communication. This is the secret of how to excel at client interaction and stand out from your competitors.

4. Keep Your Head in the Cloud

Whether you’re using a mobile device to connect to a video conference or a laptop computer, due to the fact that most data is processed from the cloud these days, there’s no need to deal with hefty data processing. Using this type of video conferencing assures that you’ll not only be able to maintain a reliable connection to interact with clients, but you’ll also be able to enjoy perks like high definition video and collaborative tools.

Whether you’re nervous about today’s most cutting-edge video conferencing technology or eager to hop on board, the fact remains that it’s one of the most effective and smoothest ways to interact with clients. Removing the mystery from who you are as a company and what kind of services you offer is a surefire way to guarantee future business.

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