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Deploying an Army of Enterprise Apps Article

Businesses are deploying enterprise apps in order to increase their employees’ productivity and efficiency. Whether a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy has been implemented or not, deploying mobile apps within a workplace has the ability to improve processes across the entire organisation.

However, not all apps are created equally. There is a big difference between certain types of apps that are deployed within an enterprise. Some are spread across the organisation as a whole whilst others focus on specific business areas. So which is the best enterprise app strategy for you?

When harnessing the power of mobile enterprise apps, it’s important to remember that some perform differently to others. There are enterprise apps that perform a task which benefits employees across the organisation as a whole, gaining huge popularity as a result.

On the other hand, the majority of enterprise apps have a more specific focus. Whilst there is a place for wider spread applications, it’s the smaller and more specific apps that really help transform business processes and benefit key areas of an organisation.

Apps that cover the whole business can be very useful but they can also be very limited. Instead, deploying a range of apps across different parts of the business will help improve individual processes.

The more area specific apps deployed across a business, the better. They may not individually get the recognition that larger apps might, but overall and in the long term they are the key to improving productivity across the whole organisation.

Once you’ve deployed either one or two applications across your business it will become easier to identify which processes and key areas need to be mobilised. 

Individual end users will become more engaged if an app deployed within the company assists their area of work. It will enable them to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

In addition, it will build a bridge between an individual department and the IT department, making it easier to approach the IT team with a specific process that needs mobilising.

An army of apps deployed across an organisation will bring different areas of the business together and increase productivity and efficiency throughout. If a number of area specific enterprise apps are planned, deployed and managed properly, the way in which an organisation operates can be truly transformed.

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