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London the epicentre of the Fintech revolution…? Article

Having recently attended the launch of the new fintechtimes.London, it really brought to my attention the hype around Fintech right now and how London is seen at the epicentre of this.

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’, the saying goes, and this is truly the case for Fintech.  After the last financial crisis in 1998, the old-fashioned finance sector realised that change had to happen, hence the birth of fintech.  With London seen at the forefront of financial services, it made it the perfect birthplace for Fintech, with no other locations even coming close.

I recently read in the fintechtimes.London that there are more than 3000 Fintech startups in London right now and that London and the UK are magnets for startups, providing an ideal launch pad for international markets.  It is any wonder that such innovation is currently coming out of London then?

But what are the next steps? The Fintech revolution is in full swing and many firms have opened their doors to change, but change is now needed in the upper echelons of society.  As with most changes, Government need to be fully behind it, with changes in regulation and actually investing themselves into new technology for the masses.

We are already starting to see, as consumers, the benefits from the organisations embracing Fintech, and there is no doubt that those making change and adapting to new technologies are the ones who continue to grow, develop and strengthen their relations with the consumer on a daily basis.

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Written by Katie Bilton and published on 18/9/2015

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