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Are we witnessing the wearables revolution? What does this mean to you? Article

For those of you who watched Saturday’s episode of Dr Who, you would have not only have enjoyed 45 minutes of well acted, smartly written BBC science fiction drama. You also would have seen a savvy reference to the wearables revolution with the Doctor’s longstanding trusty device the Sonic Screwdriver being replaced Sonic Sunglasses. Is this reference to the growing ubiquity of wearable devices in modern society mean that they should now be relevant to your business models?

Previously wearables has just been a buzzword for tinkering cybernetics enthusiasts, however we are finally now seeing an explosion of these devices onto the market.  Google poured millions into the launch and creation of Google Glass; a device perhaps ahead of its time, Samsung and Apple have both followed with the launch of wearable watch devices. One could argue that we are at the very early stages of a new device explosion. We have seen in the past decade mobile become the new normal, but can wearables displace this status quo? Could we see a situation where wearable devices are poised to push smartphones aside?

This is not as ridiculous as it may potentially seem. Who a decade ago would have predicted the one all dominant PC would have had its device hegemony displaced by the tablet and the smartphone? In purely technological terms the potential opportunity for the wearable revolution to take apace, is much more than the mobile revolution that directly proceeded it. The technology being so much faster and cheaper than it was, with LTE networks and Bluetooth allowing the safe and fast transfer of huge amounts of data.

It may seem laughable to suggest that people will soon neglect their iPhones in favour of amped-up watches, eyeglasses, rings, and bracelets. But then again, 10 years ago it seemed laughable to think that people would use their smartphones to email, surf the web, play games, watch videos, keep calendars, and take notes—all once core tasks of desktop PCs. We can already see how wearable devices might peel off some of the phone’s key functions: One study of smartphone users indicates that on average we unlock our gadgets more than 100 times a day, with some of us pawing at screens far more often than that. Internet analyst Mary Meeker estimates that as many as two-thirds of those uses could be handled with a wearable device.

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