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Google Play Store Optimization: How to get potential customers to download your app Article

Your Google Play page is where users first interact with your app, and you shouldn’t waste that traffic being directed to it. Instead, you must aim to increase your conversion rate for your app after the users are already there.

With some app promotion, outreach, and help from your current users, you can get noticed on Google Play and increase your conversion rate so that users don’t just find your app’s page—they actually download it, too. At the same time, you can also decrease your Cost Per Install (CPI) so you end up getting more users for the same budget.

If you follow these tips, you will be on your way to seeing an improved download rate on the Google Play store.

Ask current users to leave reviews

Before you go to a restaurant, you look for reviews online. Prior to purchasing a product from a retailer, you see what rating it got from people who have already bought it. When it comes to apps, the same principle applies.

Potential customers are going to trust the opinions of current ones. This is why reviews on your Google Play app page are necessary.

According to Medium, when asking for a review, be polite, and don’t interrupt your users’ experiences to get that review. If a request for a review pops up when they’re in the middle of doing something on your app, they might get frustrated and angry, and end up closing it out.

You should also wait to ask for a review until a user has actually successfully used your app. For example, if your app is for buying movie tickets, you could ask for review after a user makes a purchase. Consider asking for his or her feedback over email as well, which will not be disruptive.

When your customers review you, they’re doing you a favor. Keep this in mind throughout the asking process and you’ll successfully pull it off.

Showcase screenshots and an icon that illustrate the most action

If you’re trying to sell a product, having excellent visuals is key. When potential users scroll through the Google Play store, they notice the apps’ icons. Yours has to be colorful, lively, and work to describe what you app is all about.

Once potential users click on your icon, your app screenshots need to show them how your app works and what’s exciting about it. They should highlight the app’s various features and show what makes it different from apps in the same category.

Gaming app developers do a great job of displaying stimulating pictures. Check out these screenshots from Clash of Clans for some inspiration:

Post a demo video that shows them how it works

Potential customers learn about products differently. Some prefer to look at screenshots, and others might get everything they need from reading your description. Still, others want to see your app in action. A demo video will give these potential users the most accurate and revealing glimpse into what your app can do.

Check out this video from the iDeas for Writing app. It’s just over a minute in length, which means that users won’t get bored because it’s too long. It presents the problem, writers’ block, up front, and shows you how the app can solve it. The video goes through steps A to Z on how the app works, and lets users know where they can download it and learn more information.

Offer a money-back guarantee

If your app costs money, users may be less willing to download it. There are many free options available out there, and they might not want to spend the 99 cents or $1.99 you’re charging.

To persuade users to take a chance on you, include a money-back guarantee in your product description. It’ll demonstrate to users that you’re completely confident in your app’s ability, but that you’re dedicated to outstanding customer service. They will be more willing to take a risk if that risk is minimized in the first place.

Use testimonials and quotes in your app description

In case you don’t have enough reviews and ratings, you can rely, for the time being, on testimonials and quotes from current users, prominent publications, and bloggers who may have tried out your app. If you’re just launching your app or introducing new features into your app, send out press releases to professional reviewers and ask if they will write something up on it. Then, post those quotes on your page.

Now that you’ve optimized for Google Play, let us send you some traffic, monetize your app, and help you achieve the ROI of your dreams. Check out the mobile monetization options we can offer you.


This blog was written by Tomer Han, Founder of MobCo Media, a global engagement-driven user acquisition agency for mobile apps. Loves and lives marketing, music, traveling and meeting exciting new people to work with and originally published
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  • ASO is one of the most important things in mobile apps promotion. Undoubtedly, the quality of the application plays an major role, but without good app store optimization promotion of the application in app store can not be​.

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