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The focus shifting for service buyers Article

CIOs and IT Directors traditionally have been focused on delivering and managing enterprise IT but they are now having to adapt to a more strategic role where they broker services. And this task seems to be quite challenging. It is still very important to make the right choice from the variety of different providers and technologies available. As IT managers say: If you choose IBM as a supplier and they fail, nobody will blame you for that choice. But If you cant choose IBM then you should choose carefully.

Because of digital disruption brought about by social and mobile technologies, the days of doing it all yourself are over and this includes software development.

What we see are businesses that don’t just need lower cost for software development, they require 2 things. 

At high level it is about application innovation and reducing the complexity of delivery so the focus can be on increasing the productivity. Todays competitive environment means long development cycles, high costs, and missed opportunities are a real issue. So companies need a partner who can accelerate their innovation, avoid complexity, whilst increasing productivity across ideation, development, testing and deployment. The days of IT setting up servers, storage, networks, and platform software for development over weeks or months because of approvals or time constraints on resources are over.

In terms of applications, companies need to consider how these technologies and applications integrate with their internal systems and the data sources and how they support business outcomes. Sales staff now need access to multiple systems in parallel from remote locations that requires more than just virtualisation or re-architecting for the cloud. Or the field engineers. Mobility has very specific demands on an application such as latency or consideration of data transfer volumes and costs. They also need to be personalised to a specific organisations workflow to be more useful and productive. 

Traditional way of increasing the cost effectiveness is through the outsourcing. But in order to address the organisational needs it is not enough to have the supplier with right technology in hand. It is not about secure and reliable code, time efficient development cycles and cost savings for internal dev environments/on demand access to development environments and capabilities etc. It is about business consulting and partnering with appropriate developer who can enable IT to offload technical administration so they focus on innovation and someone who can understand how to personalise applications to a particular business before seamlessly integrating and connecting with the organisations process and goals. 

The SP Group works with customers to help to define business outcomes, deliver solutions using best practice, and identify ongoing opportunities for improvement and innovation we eliminate complexity, we increase time to productivity or revenue, provide choice through flexibility of approach and range of supported solutions, and can personalise or tailor applications to real business need.

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