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Apple Co-Founder “Woz” Here! Article

This time last year B60 had the chance to meet the legendary Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak. Needless to say, we welcomed the opportunity with open arms and were fortunate enough to spend some time with the technology guru. But what did Steve actually teach us? We’ve decided to share the views and advice he gave to B60 and explain why it will benefit your business!

It goes without saying, Steve’s thoughts and advice were excellent. We talked innovation, new technology and the trends that we should expect over the next 12 months. Here we are, a year down the line and Steve got it spot on.

Something that truly struck a chord with B60 was the way in which Steve spoke about the importance of harnessing innovation and providing the right environments for engineers and technical architects to be innovative.

There are always ways in which to be more innovative and that goes for both B60 and all other businesses. The world constantly wants more from mobile and Steve’s words of wisdom still echo around B60 HQ today.

A collaborative team of people, who, given the right environment, resources and time, are capable of delivering solutions and ideas that solve the genuine business challenges of today. And people are prepared to pay for those solutions!

Steve shared the same views as B60 COO Tim Mayneord in regards to the future of wearable technology. Both agreed that smartwatches would become a prominent piece of technology over the next 12 months and it has certainly proved to be the case.

The launch of the Apple Watch has seen wearables leap to the forefront of consumer technology and it won’t be long until the enterprise are boosted by these types of devices too.

According to a survey by PwC, 46% of the respondents surveyed claimed that they believed their company should fund wearable technology for its workforce, indicating that wearables may soon be about to penetrate the enterprise arena on a strategic level.

Research firm Gartner foresaw the huge opportunity for wearables within a business environment back in 2013. 

They predicted that Google Glass and other smart glasses would help to bring “innovation to workplace efficiency” and added that they could help to add more than $1 billion per year to company profits from 2017.

It was an incredible experience meeting such an iconic figure in the world of technology. Innovation is critical in the mobile landscape and that’s why B60 and other enterprises should strive to be innovators in their own field of work. Who can argue with Steve Wozniak?

This article was written by Andrew Floyd, Head of communication & content at B60 

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