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How to Better Monetize Your Mobile Apps Article

The rapid growth of mobile devices and applications has created a new economy around context and an active, captivated audience. However, an effective monetization strategy is critical to ensuring the survival, growth and financial success of your mobile apps.

The opportunity to capitalize on the mobile user universe is huge. TechCrunch reports that people are spending 60% of their time consuming digital media on mobile devices, and MediaPost claims that mobile gaming revenue will hit $3 billion this year in the US alone.

How can you make the most of these trends in your monetization strategy? The Monetization Playbook is a great place to start! In it, you’ll learn:

What options do I have for monetizing my audience?

See examples, strengths, and weaknesses of popular app monetization methods.

What is a mobile rewards program and how can it help?

Learn how loyalty and rewards can help you better monetize.

How do I implement a mobile rewards program?

Read tips, insights and best practices to help you launch a successful program.

Get your free copy of the Monetization Playbook today!

This blog was written by Appsaholic

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