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Flybits Launches World’s First Context-as-a-Service Solution and SDK Article

Flybits recently celebrated the launch of the world’s first context-as-a-service cloud-based solution, corresponding developer portal, and customer announcements from TD Bank and the David Foster Foundation. Flybits is a comprehensive software product that makes it easy for developers and digital marketers to use all available contextual data to transform generic and static mobile apps into personalized and dynamic mobile experiences. It’s the first solution of its kind, providing developers and enterprises the ability to create highly personalized mobile experiences without extensive custom coding.

With the Flybits solution developers can manage and incorporate contextual data from anything that can be sensed, imported or integrated, such as device settings, user behavior and preferences, weather and other environmental data, information from cameras and other industrial sensors, social network connections, health data from wearables and more.

The solution includes a full set of location-management and push notification services that leverage GPS, Wi-Fi, cell towers, NFC and beacons. Flybits is hardware-agnostic to sensors such as beacons and works with all existing infrastructure. But location can leave you nowhere, as it’s often not enough for personalization, and Flybits makes it easy to go beyond location. Once an app has been Flybits enabled, marketing people as well as developers can manage and alter apps on the fly. The solution is bringing companies faster time-to-market, unprecedented agility, lower development cost, higher consumer engagement and satisfaction as well as increased brand value.

TD Bank, a top 10 North American bank is using the Flybits context-as-a-service solution to transform its TD Mobile Banking App, to better inform customers when making financial decisions by providing relevant content and services. There is also potential to create exclusive mobile experiences at sponsored events, and with local merchants, all through a trusted, digital concierge that protects user privacy and meets the safety and security standards of TD.

The David Foster Foundation named Flybits their digital innovation partner for their largest event of the year, the annual David Foster Foundation Miracle Gala & Concert. With the context-aware DFF Gala app, event attendees enjoyed an enhanced mobile experience with Red Carpet highlights, live voting, artist bios and social media accounts, sharable images, direct car service options, auction items, and more. In addition, the interactive app gave gala guests and concert-goers the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of what the evening had to offer, as well as to learn more about how to make a difference through the foundation’s Sponsor a Family campaign. 

Flybits is eager to get feedback from a wide range of app developers using both iOS and Android. Please visit the Flybits Dev Portal for full documentation of the Flybits context-as-a-service SDK and APIs, information on how to use Flybits to make your apps context-aware and examples of apps before and after they’re contextualized.

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