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Exclusive Interview with TUNE CEO Peter Hamilton Article

Mobile marketing Guru and TUNE CEO Peter Hamilton is used to optimizing performance and identifying key trends. This week he has gives Apps World his insights in this exclusive interview.

What is the key to effective innovation in mobile?

Engagement is the motto of mobile. Providing an experience on a mobile device is nothing without causing some level of engagement from the audience.

How is that relevant to TUNE?

TUNE is able to measure the cause and effect of engagement, helping app developers and marketers determine what strategies and marketing channels spark the best engagement.

This is different from the way advertising developed on the web, which was primarily measured by the number of impressions or views that an ad received or the number of clicks. With mobile apps and on the mobile web, marketers aren’t willing to stop there. They require evidence that consumers installed their app or engaged with the mobile experience in some significant way. Scrolling habits and accidental clicks meant marketers needed a simple way to measure the performance of campaigns and come to agreement with publishers on what that performance is worth. TUNE provides that unbiased service, hosting technology that measures engagement and helps marketers easily launch, test, and scale their campaigns. 

How significant do you think data analytics will be for the future of mobile marketing?                                                  

In the future, data collection and analytics will be table stakes. Today, many companies as well as TUNE are working hard to establish the best practices for data handling and analysis, and there is much to be determined for consumer privacy and data security. Companies that advance the marketer’s ability to make large amounts of customer data useful to decision making will thrive in the coming years. Business intelligence as an area of study and occupation will grow as well as the technologies that support BI experts. For marketing analytics, technologies will advance to a point of broad use as well as simple usability which is why companies like TUNE exist.

And what about push notifications?

Push is particularly interesting today because a marketer can immediately send a message to a consumer based on an immediate behaviour, such as stepping near a location beacon. Or they might use this method to re-engage customers that have not returned to a mobile app recently. It is important to note that push notifications are entirely controlled by the app stores and platforms, and the regulations for push notifications may evolve over time.

That said, the settings for opting in and out of push notifications are possibly the most advanced of any messaging platform. Not only do marketers have to ask for permission of the consumer to send them push notifications, but consumers have a control panel that lists all apps that have their permission to send notifications, which they can easily toggle on and off. Any channel for messaging consumers that provides this level of transparency is pretty exciting for TUNE, because it makes sure that real value is being passed to the consumer, and if not, they have the option to turn them off easily. This means a better experience for everyone involved with advertising, especially the consumer.

Are people taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities apps offer?

It really depends on which people you’re talking about. The largest mobile gaming studios in the world are absolutely taking advantage of every channel, method, ad unit, and potential new idea for marketing apps. They have large budgets and deep knowledge of their unit economics, giving them the ability to quickly determine profitable strategies and cut those that don’t provide results. Across other verticals we see varying levels of mobile campaigns and strategies. Verticals that clearly understand direct response marketing from the web are fairly quick to understand the various opportunities on mobile, such as travel and ecommerce. The companies we see taking advantage of the most strategies on mobile usually have a means to make money directly through mobile channels.

What topics do you think will dominate the agenda at this year’s Apps World?

The new Apple TV is the hottest topic on my mind. Now app developers can build experiences for TELEVISION! Incredible. We have raced to launch our own SDK for measuring the engagement on Apple TV, and by the time we attend Apps World, we should see the new Apple TV in homes and developers feverishly working to become the next must-have app on tvOS. I cannot wait to see where this leads the television experience, and particularly the opportunities it will open up for app marketers. 

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