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How To Protect Your Brand Online With Better Apps Article

A few years ago, apps were a useful thing to have. They provided yet another way of engaging with customers. Also, many companies were slow to invest in and develop mobile offerings. If your company had an app, you had an advantage in a growing marketing channel.

Now, apps are no longer just useful for engaging with customers – they are vital. UK consumers are spending more and more time interacting with brands on apps. In fact, 45% are planning to research and buy their Christmas presents online this year. This means as much as £11bn will be spent on (or as a result of) apps or websites.

You need to have outstanding iOS and Android apps in order to maximise revenue. But, increasingly, your apps need to be outstanding for another reason: namely, brand protection. Consumers that have a bad experience with your apps won’t just fail to become customers. They’ll also post bad reviews on app stores and social media. This could damage your reputation and lose you customers in the long run.

To make things more complicated, it’s becoming harder to achieve a good customer experience in your apps. This is because consumers are using more mobile devices and operating systems than ever. Last year, UK shoppers used over 5,000 different Smartphones. This number will only have increased in 2015. As a result, software bugs are becoming more numerous and harder to find.

So how do you improve customer experience on your apps and protect your brand online?

Many brands and retailers are turning to crowdsourced software testing as a solution to this problem. Crowdsourced testing companies use crowds of software testers to test apps and websites on large numbers of devices.

For example, BugFinders has a community of over 55,000 professional software testers in 105 countries. This enables us deploy large teams of hundreds of testers to find bugs on our clients’ apps. We test apps on up to 200 different devices in 24 hours or less. Websites are tested in 2-3 days.

BugFinders’ service allows our clients to ensure their apps work correctly on the various devices used by their customers. This means our clients can be confident that their apps provide a good customer experience, protecting their brands online.

Crowdsourced testing can be used to complement traditional internal teams or as a standalone QA solution. It is also not the solution being explored by companies worried about customer experience – test automation also provides speed and broad device coverage. But whatever you decide, you need to think about protecting your brand online in an increasingly competitive apps market.

This blog was written by Bugfinders find out more here:

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