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The booming startup scene in London in 2015. Article

With London recently being ranked as the number one city in Europe for supporting both Startups and scale-ups in European Digital City Index, it’s no wonder the London Startup scene is at an all-time high with investments in London Startups to break past $2billion for 2015.

So what is it that makes London the place to be for any Startup? Well London is the ideal place for a Fintech Startup, what with being a financial services hub as well as technology hub, attracting some of the biggest investments for 2015 with the likes of WorldRemit raising $100million in February. But it’s not just fintech Startups that are favouring London! Startups in the e-commerce space as well as VR have seen a recent spike in interest and investment. The entrepreneurial spirit seen in East London and continuing growth of ‘Silicon Roundabout’ in East London, means the pool of talent in the tech space continues grow.

Other initiatives in London, such as the London Co-Investment Fund, implemented by Boris and private-sector partners also attract Startups to the city, knowing that there is substantial cash and investment up for grabs.

But it’s not just money and investment that attract Startups to London. The buzz in the East of London and general atmosphere that comes with multiple Startups in one area, helps to promote London as the new birthplace for tech Startups around the world. With office spaces popping up in old warehouses and ‘google-esque’ spaces around Shoreditch and Old street area, Hell London, Goodbye Silicon Valley!

In order to help promote the support the startup scene in London, Apps World 2015 Is running the startup Launchpad which includes a pitch off on the 18th November with the most exciting early stage startups around and Day 2 providing workshops and case studies from Incubators and successful startups to give advice and best practice to our attendee’s.

Check out the schedule for the startup launch pad here:

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