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Location Based Apps are Dead: How to Effectively Build Context Aware Applications Using Micro-Services Article

Consumers are demanding mobile apps that are proactive, self-adaptive, and context-aware. There is currently no formal standard for building contextual apps – developers follow arbitrary patterns, building monolithic applications that are often hard to scale and rely on location as the primary source of context. A user’s context goes far beyond location, and there is a big distinction to be made between the architecture of a location-based app and that of a context-aware app. In this session, the presenter will demonstrate the Flybits SDK and its visual development platforms, which allow developers, marketing professionals, and business owners to collaborate to build immersive and engaging mobile experiences.

- Designing patterns for building omni-channel, contextual applications for mobile, wearables and IoT

- Demonstrating the Flybits context-aware development environment and its pluggable architecture

- Building a context-aware application live  

Flybits is the only context-as-a-service solution, providing instant access in the cloud to everything needed to transform mobile experiences from generic and static to personalized and dynamic. Flybits is the easiest way for iOS and Android developers to integrate and use multiple sources of contextual information – from location to social profiles, user behavior and preferences, environmental data, and beyond. Flybits lets marketing people and other non-coders change an app’s content and behavior on the fly, as they refine their mobile Internet strategies. Using Flybits brings faster time-to-market, unprecedented agility, lower development cost, higher consumer engagement and satisfaction, and increased brand value. For more information, please visit and follow us at @flybitsinc.


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