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The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) at Apps World Article

AQuA believes that apps have the capability to connect ideas, information, products, services and entertainment for everyone, and that apps have yet to reach their full potential. We see too many apps today that still make basic errors in quality.

AQuA is a not-for-profit trade association that helps developers avoid those common errors.

We believe that by providing practical, straightforward and free help to developers they can produce better apps that will benefit everybody. 

We want to see apps that work, apps that are easy to use and apps that work well with the handset and the network.

We know that developers are committed to providing the best functional app that they can, and that they are experts in their field.  However their field is often not telecoms, networks or handsets.

AQuA is set up to help developers match their expertise to the complex world of telecoms and devices.

We provide tools and resources such as the AQuA baseline testing criteria that help the developer catch the common errors that are so easy to make, and in doing so make the difference between a good app and a great app.  AQuA resources embody the combined learnings of years of experience of experts in the Telecoms and apps world.

AQuA continues to bring together the leading figures in the industry to create best practice in building high quality apps through shared and combined experience. Together we can do better and the entire industry benefits.


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