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Judo Payments at Apps World Article

Judo payments makes paying in your apps simple, easy and secure. As leaders of AppCommerce™, we have a close knit community of developers who partner with us to offer world class solutions to their clients or users. A clean API and SDK for different platforms is easy to integrate with any app and not to forget the flexibility in payment models you can offer including ability to connect to your clients’ current merchant bank.

Besides being good at what we do, we are a super fun team to work with. Get a flavor of it by visiting us at Apps World – a cool drinks bar, bean bags, casual attire, gadget addicts, a kit for you to survive the event and a lot more. This sounds like an exhibition stand you’d like to visit? Do pop by. If nothing else, we promise to educate you on payments in the simplest possible way and leave you feeling like an expert on the subject.

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