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Netbots at Apps World Article

Netbots is a software house, based in Poland. It was established in June 2010 in order to provide innovative e-services. Netbots’ Team create innovative mobile applications, mobile websites and tools, which are designed to support business and communication. All projects are implemented comprehensively, from the stage of the analysis and development of the project strategy to the design and implementation.
We care about high quality of our services and products.


  • NetVerts – a system to manage ads on the website, which will adjust the content of the ads to user staying current on the page. This level of adaptation of content presented to customers’ expectations is different from the solutions offered by the classical AdServery.
  • Netbots – robots (bots) installed on the website. They works by analyzing the behavior of the page users and allow to customize the offer to the customer. For example, the person who are browsing the site with bathrooms equipment and searching for a tap, next time will be offered for the time-limited promotion (2 hours) to the specific product (red tap).
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