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Tyntec at Apps World Article

For app entrepreneurs and developers needing to execute their growth strategies, tyntec powers their user journey with SMS, voice, global number verification and virtual phone numbers so that they can seamlessly connect to people around the world—and securely convert and engage their users. Our REST API for SMS and number information services makes it even easier and faster to integrate telephony functionalities into all enterprise and consumer apps.

Email us at to schedule a meeting and learn how tyntec can help you along every stage of the user journey—from acquisition to monetization. We’ll bring the tools and pro-tips mastered by working with the world’s leading brands of messaging apps and social networks to help you acquire new users, keep them engaged and ensure their security.

Founded in 2002, tyntec employs over 150 people in six offices around the globe, serving over 500 global businesses, Internet brands, and mobile network operators

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