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Publico24 at Apps World Article

Publico24 is a new business model of digital press release. The platform works on all the operating systems. Your issue will be read by the users of iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone, Kindle and any other mobile device.

As Publico24 uses the technology of HTML5, the content of your publications will be adjusted to a device on which it is read. Your Customer will experience new quality by keeping all the functions of mobile devices, such as clicking, hyperlink and zooming.

Since now on you can add new content while the releasing process is still in progress

Publico24 is a complex solution for press publishers which offers:

  • a tool for e-issues making for mobile devices and computers
  • a platform for direct distribution and sale of e-issues

Benefits for publishers:

  • lower production costs – one e-issue = all devices
  • control over the whole process: from production, through distribution and sale
  • possibility of additional sale, multimedia advertising surface (photo galleries, MP3, video, animated HTML ads, links to websites)
  • higher margin through the transfer of shopping to a publisher’s www kiosk
  • promoting own brand, not the kiosk of a distributor

Benefits for readers:

  • access to e-issues at any place or time
  • comfortable reading of e-issues even on small devices
  • one purchase = all devices
  • easy access to archives


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