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Adience at Apps World Article

Adience will be unveiling its our next generation, in-app ad monetization product, Adience Mediation at our booth #342, at Apps World London 2015.

Adience Mediation represents a significant step forward in the evolution of the mobile ecosystem, as it introduces real impression-level mediation to the industry for the first time. This means that ad networks and specific campaigns are targeted to the interests and persona behind each impression, resulting in record breaking levels of optimization.

These groundbreaking capabilities are made possible by leveraging our patent-pending, deep understanding technology, which ‘listens’ to sensors on a device. The result is an extraction of a large data set of demographic parameters and insights on the person using that same device. We then use this data to segment an app’s user base into customizable persona subsets, thereby enabling persona-based, impression-level ad mediation.

Adience Mediation’s patent-pending technology also evaluates the supply side of the chain, scrutinizing each ad campaign to analyze its effectiveness vis-à-vis each demographic subset. This enables us to take our mediation way beyond the superficial parameters that competitors use to determine which ads to serve. Instead, our mediation solution serves ads from the specific campaign that provides the highest eCPM per each subset.

Already deployed among Adience customers, Adience Mediation is delivering double-digit uplifts and in some cases, is even doubling ad revenue.


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