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Hedgehog Labs at Apps World Article

p>Hedgehog lab is hoping to connect with businesses and organisations seeking a mobile partner, to help boost their business activities with the assistance of an app. Last year, we were absolutely blown away with the kind of individuals and businesses that we had the chance to meet during Apps World. We look forward to meeting many more exciting organisations and individuals, as we explore innovative solutions for user challenges.
Our CEO, Sarat Pediredla, will be accompanied by our Client Services Director, Matthew O’Connor and our Strategist, Paul Morris. They are excited to meet and talk with individuals attending the event. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discuss mobile and apps, as well as related developments in other cutting edge technologies, like Car Infotainment systems, television and VR.
Please feel free to walk over to stand 241 and say “Hello” to our team. We are friendly bunch and would love to have a chat!


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