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Diving in to the Berlin startup scene Article

So Apps World Germany in Berlin is next on our list for 2016 and with the launch of the Apps World Origins programme for next year, I thought this blog was the perfect opportunity to have a look at the startup tech scene in Berlin.

With stats flying about like ‘a new startup is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin’, and ‘100,000 new jobs in Berlin by 2020’, it looks like Berlin is the place to be for startups in 2016. But does it compete with London? NEVER! (OK I’m a Londoner myself maybe my view is slightly biased).

However from speaking to startups in Berlin and also significant amounts of reading, it seems that the Berlin startup tech scene is a bit more ‘grown-up’ and mature than in London, not a slide in an office in sight. With companies such as Zalando seeing rapid growth since 2008 now boasting 15millions users and 9000 employee’s, it just highlights how this is a different startup scene. So what are the benefits to Berlin? Well rent is so much cheaper (not hard when we think of the astronomical prices in London), and the cool and alternative image of Berlin is undeniable, the sheer amounts of VC’s and brand incubators is a big pull too, I have been surprised by the amount of VC’s and funds I have come across just by simple googling.

Brands such as Axel Springer, Microsoft, and Coca Cola have their own startup incubators, each offering an attractive proposition to new entrepreneurs and startups in the space, again helping draw in new tech talent to the city.

OK so maybe I can see why you would want to be in Berlin as a startup, it’s hard to deny the pulls there for new tech businesses and Berlin is an AWESOME city to live in, with a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, the can at times rival that of London.

So what are we doing at Apps World to engage with the startup community? Well next year see’s the full launch of the Apps World Origins Programme. This will give startups the chance to pitch their idea to a panel of experts, have proper visibility on the expo floor to showcase their products, be part of our Origins Mentor programme and be given the opportunity to have 1-2-1 meetings with investors in the space to try and gain their next round of investment. So whether you’re a startup with no investment, have just gained your 1st Million or even a bootstrap startup, Apps World can help you take your business to the next stage. Get in touch with me if you want more info on the Origins programme on

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