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4 Tips to Successfully Conduct Conference on Your Smartphone App Article

Video conferencing has been quite popular for many years, and smart advances in technology like tablets and smartphones have brought about a stunning transformation. You don’t have to log on to your computer or laptop these days if you want to conduct a video conferencing session. With an estimated one billion mobile workers expected by the end of this year, according to IDC research report, mobile collaboration and conferencing makes even more sense. This can be done comfortably anywhere with the aid of smartphone apps these days.

Here are four useful tips to ensure you have a successful video conference on your smartphone app:

Prepare Your Background Setting

It is extremely important to settle down in a calm and peaceful atmosphere to begin your conference. If you want a clear cut and a healthy interaction, ample light is necessary. It can either be a bright light which shines overhead or even natural lighting.

Bear in mind the fact your mobile camera is different from a web cam on your desktop or laptop. Make sure your background has excellent lighting and never sit in an environment which is noisy or disturbing in any manner. It would be a good idea to give test check before you begin. This can be done by turning on the camera to check and alter color and lighting if necessary. It is best to avoid any kind of back light and ensure the light is focused on your face. Sit straight up in a comfortable chair and ensure you have all the required material within your reach before you begin the session on the video conference app. Ḍon’t forget to get rid of any background apps on your smartphone, which are irrelevant to the video conference session.

Position Your Smartphone in its Cradle

A simple and extremely effective tip which can create a wonderful difference in your video conferencing session is by positioning your smart phone in some kind of cradle. You can be rest assured your mobile is in an excellent position to communicate and makes sure your video does not shake or loses clarity for people at the other end. Normally cradles which are built-in come along with convertible smart phones. They usually have a good support like stand at the rear end of the cradle making your phone positioned similar to a photo frame. You can avail this facility in most tablets too. Just flip your cover open and slant your phone to the position required and begin your conferencing. You need a visual which displays your profile, at least from chest or shoulder upwards. This is imperative to make your conference more effective as your body language can be conveyed effectively with a clear and sufficient visual of you. If you want a more comprehensive visual, the best solution would be to position the mobile on an elevated position with the aid of books or a small table which will solve this problem easily.

Video Conferencing via Your App is Economical

There is no argument about the cost effective aspect of video conferencing with Blue Jeans app that saves traveling costs while ensuring super-efficient communication. All you need to do is go ahead and ensure its effectiveness by customizing it to your exact needs. The main aspect which needs to be taken care of is purchasing the ideal set with excellent configuration and hardware compatible with your smart phone or tablet as this provides you with the best possible service in every sense of the word. Gone are the days when you had to struggle with a cumbersome laptop or computer for your video conferencing needs.

Take time to research the wide array of video conferencing solutions available today, before settling for the best deal which provides you with excellent video conferencing facilities. Even though you can avail  umpteen facilities which are totally free of cost for video conferencing, the paid ones may be a wiser choice as far as reliability and tech savvy options are concerned.. The best course would be to choose a service having ample expertise in this field since erratic or interrupted service can spoil the entire session and lead to undesired results.

Multitasking at Home and Office

One of the main advantages of video conferencing with your Smartphone app is the convenience of conducting your meetings, even while you are on the move. “Collaboration often takes place suddenly and your availability is key to progress by addressing issues in real time,” says Rocky Mitarai, a marketing expert for Adobe. Regardless of your requirement to go for an urgent errand in between a meeting or if you are one of those people who do not like carrying heavy laptops while traveling, you can carry your video conference app along. Your mobile can be carried anywhere without any issues, so you gain the advantage of being able to multitask while video conferencing via your tablet or mobile.

There is no argument about the fact video conferencing is the perfect solution to ensure multitasking while you are traveling. All thanks to the wonderful strides in technology, conducting your meeting on the move was never so easy with mobile video conferencing apps.

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