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The importance of apps for businesses Article

Company apps

The app market is still new, especially for the “older generations”, and many companies or entrepreneurs might not see the potential value in investing in a company app. Having a company app, is not just for the established businesses that have so much revenue that they might as well get an app, it is for every business. Although not all companies have one (YET), it will be mandatory in 5-10 years – it will be just as normal and important as having a website.

Think of it like this: Most people tell you that if you don’t have a website as a company today, your business will fail, as it wont be visible over the internet and no one will know that it exists. In a couple of years, the app will be at least as (if not more) important as the website is today.

Top 5 advantages of getting in “early”


The first and probably the biggest advantage of getting your company app now, is that you will move MILES ahead of your competitors. By being on every market, you are differentiating your company from the competitors, as they will just be in their safe zone, not moving forwards.


You are potentially reaching millions of customers that you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. These customers may and will most likely be impressed with your brand/product. When your customers are impressed with you or the product you are selling, you WILL be generating permanent customers.


Besides that, you are branding your business, giving it the image of being a company that follows through, and being a company that sells a quality product. This brand will also generate permanent customers, because being known as a company that follows through, is a company that can be trusted – this is vital for branding.


It is easy to get awareness for your app right now with very little marketing, as it is a very new concept. Awareness definitely is what you want for your company, as the customers actually knowing who you are, is what sells.


Who doesn’t have a smartphone or a tablet right now? The people that don’t, probably aren’t important for your business anyways, as they will be either 0-6 years old and won’t have any money to buy your product with, or 90 years old, and will be somewhat set in their ways, and not really a potential customer. EVERYONE has a smartphone and almost EVERYONE has a tablet, so it will really be a waste not to let them see your company through the app market.

A.B.Linnemann Development’s role in this 

We produce apps, that are uniquely coded from the bottom to fit the needs of our client. Anything is possible when it comes to creating a company app, and the more you differentiate yourself, the better.

At A.B.Linnemann Development, we create the best possible product for you company. We believe in quality, and creating a product that is desirable and a product that will bring you miles ahead of your competitors.

On top of that, we can offer a service package you, from either a product you already have or for a product you have purchased from A.B.Linnemann Development previously. This will let your business get service updates after the first month of free service that we offer, for any inconveniences that you might encounter.

We believe that obtaining a company app now, will differentiate you from your competitors that aren’t willing to invest in a sure thing now. It is going to be the main marketing and sales market in the future, and why not “get in” early, so you won’t be lacking in the technology department when it comes to that.

Whether we sit down in a meeting with our clients or speak over a skype/google hangouts voice conference, we WILL create the product you require. Our development team will produce the code, designs and anything else you might need that you don’t already have.

We have just produced our first product (as a company), an app called “Alfanordic”, for a consulting company, that wanted to use this app for marketing and as a phone book for all their consultants. This will be released on the app store very soon – when Alfanordic is ready.

We encourage you to come give us a “like” on our facebook page, as it definitely will help us out, and if interested in a product or a quotation from us, feel free send us an e-mail.



Website & app: Coming soon!

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