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3 Apps That Will Save Your Life Article

It’s safe to say that thousands of life-changing apps are currently on the market. Genius minds are constantly creating brilliant ideas about how to make our lives easier. In conjunction with incredible smartphone technology, the window of implausible app ideas is getting smaller by the day. Moreover, what if an app could literally save lives? Fortunately there are currently apps offered to the public that perform such a feat. Whether it be a virtual escort home, driving safety buddy, or first aid walkthrough, these apps could very well be the thing to get you or a loved one out of a jam.

Companion – Available for iOS & Android

The Companion app was developed by a group of students at the University of Michigan. It is a completely free app that allows the user some security by someone virtually walking them home via GPS tracking. The user will select their companion(s), name a route, and set out to their destination. Chosen allies will be sent a link that will open up a real-time map and follow the user’s every move. If the user doesn’t make it home in time, begins to run, drops their phone, or goes off course, the companions will be notified immediately of irregular behavior. If the user is not in any real danger they will have the chance to disregard the notification being sent to their loved ones. In addition, the app has an “I feel nervous” button which will send another notification to their companions letting them know they might want to check on their friend. Lastly, a large red button allows the user to call the police quickly if need be. All in all, the companion app is a powerful tool that everyone should take advantage of when making the long trek home.

iOnRoad – Available for iOS & Android

Ever glance through the window in your car and before you know it the car in front has slammed on their breaks? The innovative iOnRoad driving app could most certainly be a lifesaver for drivers everywhere. This app uses the phone’s camera and the car’s current speed to determine the distance between the user and any drivers ahead of them. Not only that, but the app quickly assess any other obstacles in the road that could collide with the car, causing a crash. The app tells the driver when they are at an unsafe distance to avoid an unsavory situation. A light beep and heads up display icon will appear on the phone to let the user know to break safely and quickly. When on long trips the app will also send an alert to the driver if they start to drive to one side of the road. The app will even monitor current speeds, disable texting while driving, and act as a tracking device when you can’t find your car in a parking lot. Packing GPS, safety, and speed monitoring all together marks this as a must have for any frequent driver.

First Aid by American Red Cross – Available for iOS, Android, and Amazon

The First Aid App essentially gives each user a detailed walkthrough of exactly what to do during common first aid emergencies. The app is free and easy for anyone of any age to navigate. Quick touch options even show videos of exactly how to perform simple procedures on small emergencies like minor cuts, burns, and allergies. Though the app does have information about a few serious injuries like broken bones and anaphylactic shock, the app does not claim to be a replacement for doctors visits. If you think you might need to see a doctor, you probably should. However, for less significant situations the app does provide detailed descriptions, diagrams, and even FAQs under each possible scenario. This app will undoubtedly prove useful for teachers, babysitters, daycare workers, and parents everywhere. These are just a few examples of true ingenuity in mobile app creation. Using smartphone technology as a springboard for global health and safety improvement is surely an admirable conquest. One can only imagine what variety of live-saving technology will be at all of our fingertips in the future.

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  • Nice Apps . I will try for sure. I am also going to launch an app soon and quite excited for launching my app as it will be love by all teenager.

    • kelly
    • 16 Feb, 2016 @ 10:23
  • Wow! all are really awesome apps. Thanks for sharing news about these all apps.


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