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Top-Rated iOS Abdominal Workout Apps for Six-Pack Dreamers Article

Is 2016 the year you kick your fitness plans into high gear? Do you want to be more physically fit, starting with working on your core abdominal muscles? Goodness, who doesn’t!

There are a number of excellent iOS apps available to those wanting to sport a defined six-pack. Featuring everything from expert training videos to performance trackers, these downloads are a fabulous option for those wanting extra motivation via their smartphones. Review the following three downloads to see which one will help you stick to your fitness goals and sculpt that six-pack you’ve been dreaming of:


Available via Feifan Wang, the Core15 app is a must-download for those wanting ripped abdominal muscles. Based on Tabata and CrossFit exercises, the workouts offered via the Core15 app can be completed in less than 20 minutes per day. This application lets you watch high-definition videos featuring expert fitness trainers, track your burned calories, and monitor your progress rate.


Simple Six Pack

Offered by Brandon Carter, the Simple Six Pack app features workouts for both expert and beginner fitness enthusiasts. Exercise options include the body fat blitz, the belly buster, and the six-pack crusher. If you’re looking for an app that makes you feel like you have your own high-intensity personal trainer in your smartphone, this app is a must-download. No wimps allowed!


 30 Day Ab Challenges

Vigor Apps’ 30 Day Ab Challenges app is an excellent option for those needing time limits to keep them on track. This download lets you track your abdominal workouts over a 30-day period and monitor your fitness level each day. With a percentage tracker that shows you how close you are to your goal, this application will motivate you to not miss any workout days for fear your fitness percentage will drop.


These are just three of many great options available to those looking for an abdominal workout app. Choosing the right app is crucial if you want to stay on track as you attempt to sculpt your muscles. Check out all of the above-listed options and peruse their features to make sure you download an application appropriate to your preferred style of working out.

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