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Geo Alerts, why you should be considering them Article

The article has been written by Isabella Leland, English Market Manager @GoodBarber

If you’ve been staying on top of mobile trends you’ve probably noticed Geo Alerts being the next big thing. This is probably due to the fact that Beacons and Geofencing are not only powerful features, technologically speaking, but also cutting edge tools to engage one’s audience.

It’s a given but we will never stress it enough: the creation of an app goes well beyond the early stages of its development. To make a mobile endeavor profitable and possibly a successful app, its promotion strategy should mobilize almost as much energy as the development of the product.

Mobile has become the top media channel, now “only 10% of the time spent on mobile is spent in the browser (…). The rest of the time, 90%, is spent in apps” (Yahoo Developer Network). In that promising context, Geofencing and Beacons are revolutionizing mobile notifications.

With increased mobile usage, smartphone owners are becoming a more demanding audience, with an expectation for smarter notifications. “It’s all about the notifications, not the apps” (Fiona Spruill, Head of Global Growth at Meetup). While we can expect more refined notification options in the future, in the meantime, Geo Alerts are one trendy and effective way to address users, when most likely to spark their interest.

Notifications triggered by a geofence or a beacon catch the user’s attention when they are most willing to give it. This way, notifications bypass the risk of disruption and intrusion. With Geo Alerts, you are present, in the moment. When conversations (and conversions) happen.

Now that we’ve underlined how valuable Geo Alerts can be for a promotion strategy, how can one differentiate the two? For a geofence, the end use is large areas, an exhibition for instance. With beacons, micro locations become goldmines. Picture clients strolling down the aisles of your store, you can enable notifications to provide specific discounts, advertise sales.

Worried that you are not tech-savvy enough? Geofencing and Beacons can be integrated seamlessly into your mobile strategy. Geo Alerts can be enabled by a developer just as much as within an app builder. For example, the release of our iBeacon and Geofencing Add-Ons was targeting an audience with no coding skills.

Ultimately, what makes the difference is not only the technology, but also the copy. An impactful and genuine message will drive users to open your app. Remember that this is all part of a broader strategy, your overall communication should be infused with the art of storytelling. Identify what your story is, it will engage users. If actions speak louder than words, with the case of Geo Alerts consider the saying the other way around ;)

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