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The User Experience, Getting the Most from your Mobile Article

In a society where we are so reliant on our smartphones, it is important to ensure we get the most out of our mobile experience. The user experience or UX for short, is the primary way to gauge how well (or not) a mobile phone is suited to you and your specific needs; if you find your intended smartphone of choice difficult to navigate, or even struggle to carry out the most basic of functions, then it is likely that particular device is not for you. This logic is also carried over to the apps and websites that frequent our technology

While there are various facets to consider when looking into UX, it is easy to narrow down the key points into functionality, design, usability, and trustworthiness. Ensuring that not only your phone but the apps you download adhere to these four basic necessities will make interacting with your phone more enjoyable. To draw attention to the complexities of the user experience, listed below are a couple of the best apps/websites that provide the four key factors mentioned above.

Online gaming is a huge part of our smartphone experiences these days, and as such we need to ensure we not only find a reliable brand to play with, but have an abundance of easy to use activities to choose from. Judging by the slots online here at Coral, those two bases are covered. Stemming back to the early 1920s, the company is renowned in the sports and online entertainment sector, meaning it is a reliable and trusted site to use. Secondly, by providing such a large volume of user friendly games you are presented with a domain that has been created to work with players and not hinder their experience. Users can clearly see what they can and can’t interact with, as well as accompanying fast speeds to upload gaming screens, therefore providing simple gaming for both advanced and new gamers. As for the overall functionality, the site comes together with its colourful hues and fun loving vibe to present gamers with a first rate experience.

Equally as reliant on respect and utilising screen space and design to its fullest is Instagram; although very different from casual gaming, the photography based app needs to tick exactly the same boxes to ensure users have an optimised user experience. The app and its website counterpart have been streamlined so that uploading, editing, and liking content is extremely simple, thus ensuring maximum usability. Everything is clearly labelled and lacks clutter to enable a smooth interaction. Furthermore, the design is minimal, allowing for few distracts or errors to occur when navigating the site; simplicity is key in every aspect of their brand, both for avid users and the team creating the experience.

Both gaming and picture editing demand a lot of attention to detail and efficiency, and therefore swiftness, ease of use, uncluttered designs, and a name you can trust are vital for users to not only feel comfortable, but to get the most out of whichever medium they choose.

This article was written by Lewis Bains. Lewis is a freelance journalist and content marketer who is passionate about gaming, film and technology. When he’s not writing he enjoys spending time with his son, reading and travelling

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  • A very good article! I believe that the user experience should be a top priority when developing apps. Having a cluttered design is counter-productive and will put off potential users.

  • Hi, Lewis!
    Awesome post!
    Mobile traffic is a future for online businesses so in this case the obvious thing is to create high-level UX background.

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